Hardwood Door Frames & Jambs   Hardwood Window componentry

Key advantages of our Engineered Meranti Frames (EMF) include : 

1) Large Gains in production and manufacturing efficiency :

  • significantly lower rejection & offcuts
  • optimal usage of materials
  • complete planning of supply chain logistics
  • NO MACHINING required; materials are pre-profiled and tailor-made to your specs
  • significant savings in labor content, as well as a cheaper entry price point - savings of up to 25%

2) Better material utilization, resulting in a better finished product

  • perfect straightness
  • increased stability due to superior construction

3) Highly eco-friendly and greener credentials - Engineered Meranti Frames are constructed solely from :

  • timber as a renewable resource
  • recovery timber & mills / forests residue
  • locally sourced, to ensure reliability of supply. More importantly, they are legally & sustainably sourced,  as logging in Malaysia is managed to the highest standards of conservation, leading to complete sustained yield management of our national heritage 
  • low energy content and carbon footprint, as compared to aluminium or steel

Consistent quality, Reliabilty of delivery schedule

These are our key commitments to you.  Being a manufacturer ourselves, these are the traits that we value - traits we know YOU also value most.



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